Wang Zi and music

Wang Zi emang seneng banget sama dunia musik.... Buktinya, di foto-fotonya banyak yang megang alat musik.. :D

kawaiiiiiii................ ^.^
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Osamu Mukai : More Pics

Serius amat tampangnya.... =_=

Nice Smile..... :D

Osamu Mukai di movie live action Beck (dia juga dapet award lho..gara gara main film ini)
Selamat ya.... ^^

Osamu Mukai waktu di Atashinchi no Danshi..

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Anri Okamoto as a Model

Dunia entertainment memang bukan hal yang baru buat Anri Okamoto, semenjak kecil dia memang sudah berprofesi sebagai model dan pernah membintangi iklan sebuah printer pada saat itu. Sampai sekarang pun.... imouto-chan yang satu ini masih menggeluti profesinya sebagai model.

sejak kecil emang udah cantik ya... *ngiri*

 -nice coat... pengeennn T.T-

sampai saat ini... (setahu saya) dia masih bekerja jadi modelnya Seventeen Magazine

 Anri di majalah Seventeen

 Anri yang mana hayo...??
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Pesan untuk Para Korban Tsunami : dari aktor dan aktris jepang

Konbanwa.. Minna-san...
Tak terasa.. sudah sebulan lebih Tsunami dahsyat yang melanda Jepang, kondisi jepang pun berangsur-angsur membaik... (bahkan mungkin sekarang udah pulih)...
Berikut ini beberapa komentas para selebriti dan musisi jepang yang selamat dari ganasnya Tsunami yang melumat pantai timur Jepang
....[meskipun saya sanggaaat telat memposting ini (gara2 UAN), semoga para readers tetap mau baca pesan-pesan yang disampaikan mereka (sebagai inspirasi juga sih)^^]

Kitagawa Keiko:

When I think about how many people have been the victims of [the earthquake], and how uncertain they must feel everyday, my heart aches as if it was happening to myself. When I was 8, I lost many precious things and was one of many hurt in an earthquake. At the time, despite being a child, I realized from watching the victims that even when the body healed… it would take a long time to repair injured hearts.
Right now, as someone who went through the same experience once before, I am looking for even small things I could do [to help]. Although the uncertainty continues, please do not lose your spirit. I am praying from the bottom of my heart that smiles will return to everyone.

Hongo Kanata:

To all the disaster victims, I express my sympathy and condolences from the bottom of my heart. I am from Sendai, so I have lost words after looking at the tragic state of the city I grew up in. I deeply wish that the victims can receive psychological care and that rebuilding can start as soon as possible.

Ohno Satoshi:

“Everyone who has been affected by the recent disaster, please accept our condolences. This is the message from us, Arashi, to everybody who is watching this show, and to everybody who is not able to watch the show.”

Matsumoto Jun:

“To Grandpas, Grandmas, fathers, mothers, big brothers, big sisters, little brothers, little sisters, and children who have been affected, and are exerting themselves to overcome the disaster. ”

Ninomiya Kazunari:

“Only one thing we, Arashi can do for you now, is to do our best to show you ‘usual Arashi’.”

Sakurai Sho:

“At the same time, we will also continue to do things we can do here in Tokyo, such as save electricity and participate in donations. We believe that a pile of tiny things can be big agent.”

Aiba Masaki:

“Tonight, we will do our best with this show and our song to make everybody smile even for a moment.

Okada Masaki:

When I think about the people going through a hard time due to this earthquake, my heart truly aches. I’m not sure what I can accomplish, and I may be a small force, but I am thinking about what I can do right now. I wish that I can be of even a little help through something…


When I think about the situation and sadness that the people in devastated areas are facing, my heart really aches. Until now, I have been supported by meeting many people. I am always truly thankful. I think about the many connections I’ve made through my music and concerts, and I want to meet everyone again with smiles. To reach that goal, I want to work hard and do everything I can right now carefully.
Please be okay everyone, and please let your situations improve.


I am not sure what kind of words I should use, as the losses have been too great. Everyday, I feel like I will crumble under the uncertainty that I have never experienced before. I know what the people in the affected areas are feeling is even more immeasurable, so my heart truly aches.
Isn’t there something I can do? The more I think about it, the more I feel overwhelmed by how powerless I am. However, I want to put my all into things I can do, even if they are small. I pray from the bottom of my heart that everyone can return to calm days as quickly as possible.

Matsuyuki Yasuko:

I mourn for the many victims of the disaster, and for those who have passed away. Although it may a small force, there must be something we can do… right now I want to do the best I can. Although it may be a small force, I want to deliver it to you… Please wait… We will become one and deliver…

Nakatani Miki:

Right now, there’s is a deep sadness covering all of Japan, and many people are weary and have lost words due to their pain. How can we remove the sadness of not being able to contact a loved one, someone who needed to be protected? It would be good if they can cry as much as they want, but there must be many people who can’t even make tears.
What is needed just as much as material provisions are to get close to the victims’ hearts and listen to what they have to say. It is unfortunate that despite knowing this, we cannot do anything at the present moment. Please live. Live, live, and live through this.
ords [I say] feels light to me right now. The only things I can do are to donate and help with charities, but… if there are other things I can do to help, I will commit all my energy into doing it.

Oomasa Aya:

Everyone who has been affected by the earthquake must be spending their days in uncertainty. My heart aches every time I see the damages on broadcasts. In order for reconstruction to start, for a safe environment to be made as quickly as possible… maybe it is a small thing but I have been focusing on conserving electricity and water. It is a difficult time, but please do your best. Don’t forget to help each other and maintain a strong spirit. I will also be working hard so that I can be of even a little help to everyone.

Takeuchi Yuko:

The movement to find something we should do [to help] as an individual and put it into action has already started. I hope that the feelings in Japan and around the world can support everyone. I am wishing and praying that the sleepless nights will end and the morning of rebirth for cities and hearts can come quickly.

Momoiro Clover:

Right now, we don’t know what to do. What the 6 of us can do may be something truly insignificant. But, we will deliver them little by little until the day we can hold a live with everyone with smiles.

Suzuki Emi :

There have been terrible damages, especially in the Tohoku region, due to earthquake and tsunami. Let's support [the victima] bay doing what we can, like conserving electricity and not hoarding fuel and food. I am praying that everyone can smile again as soon as possible.

Thanks to : om Marcko Kun (yang udah ngizinin saya buat copas artikelnya.. :D)
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I'm Back.... :D

konbanwa... (well...tengah malam sih sebenarnya) :antok:
Setelah hiatus selama 3 minggu.. akhirnya saya bisa kembali nge-blog... :)
kangen sama para readers, para bloggers... semuanya deh..xixixi
saya seneng banget bisa blogging lagi.. :)

and.. for my final exam....

finally.....I'm done with it

Makasih buat semua temen2 XII.IA.6 [well done friends... :)] dan buat semuanya yang udah membantu selama saya lagi susah belajar, dan buat yang mendo'akan saya... HONTOU NI ARIGATOU...:nangis:
and wish me luck..!!! supaya saya (dan semua teman seangkatan saya) bisa lulus 100%.
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